Rising Star Healing

Rising Star Sessions in Los Angeles: August 2018

Wolf will be offering Rising Star Sessions in Los Angeles:
August 1st – August 8th 2018



What is the Rising Star?

The Rising Star raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the energy field around every living thing. It also restructures your energy circuits to hold more life-force energy. In this way, your entire being is prepared to receive the higher energy of a Rising Star Healing.

The Rising Star allows you and the practitioner to still your minds and transfer powerful life-force energy to the part of your being that needs it most. The Rising Star works on the five elements that exist within your being: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Although not always discernible to our limited human perspective, the first four elements are found in your physical body, while the fifth element, ether, refers to the part of you that is connected to a Higher Source.

The Rising Star also brings Healing to all seven body systems. The seven body systems are like seven layers of energy around you. The physical body is the first and most dense body system, and the only body system visible to the eye. The physical body is surrounded by six other body systems, including the emotional body system, and so on. As healing is brought to all body systems at once, very deep healing can occur.

Every session is unique. The Rising Star is a Source to Source healing, completely pure.

The healing energy comes from Source above and goes to Source within you. This Higher Consciousness, through the practitioner, knows exactly what you need on all levels – even more than you might know of yourself. The Rising Star does not require you to have faith, follow a specific religion, or even believe in it, in order for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to heal and transform.






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