All Healing Sessions Include*:

  • Spirit Invocation
  • Sacred Sounds / OM chants
  • Essential Oils
  • Occular Frequency Shifting
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Energy Download “Healing Modality”

*Rising Star / Reiki Healing 

Benefits of Spirit-fi Unlimited:

  • All services are delivered to you
  • Open scheduling to accommodate your needs
  • All services are confidential and private
  • Develop and intimate connection with self within your own home
  • Continued counseling through your transformation, free of charge
  • Begin a healthy friendship

Healing Services & Modalities


Rising Star Healing Modality

Minimum 3 Sessions ~ 1 every 3 weeks to receive maximum benefits.


  • Body & Home Cleansing (Sage)
  • Spirit Invocation
  • Sacred Sounds
  • OM Chant
  • Essential Oils
  • Occular Frequency Shifting
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Energy Download


Reiki Healing Modality

This Divine and Sacred Healing practice, dating back to ‘B.C.’ is engrained is Us All.

Experience the purist form of Self with the receival and activation of Light Energy through the REIKI practice, Modality.


As in the Uniqueness of every living Being, lies a purpose and Soul’s Mission.

The Perfection of Self is already there and within You. Its the layers of the Emotional body, Mental Body and challenges with the Physical Body that overlay the clarity of the Divine Self…ie; Creativity, Wisdom, Beauty, Infinite Intelligence.

Through a dedicated practice of Meditation, You have the opportunity to tap into this space of Infinite Creativity, Wisdom, Beauty and Divine Intelligence while expressing the Being that is You.

The practice of ‘Stillness’ allows you to fully uncover your Full Potetential and breed clarity to where and how you can best serve the Organization, Group or Team you are a Member of, as well as Yourself.

This weekly or daily practice with your Organization will ignite Unity, Teamwork, Cohesiveness, productivity, expanded Creativity and Discipline of the Mind.

Alternative Meditation Techniques will be offered in every class. So the practice will be adaptable to all walks of Life.

*Selfless Service to ALL is the Direct pathway to serving your Highest Self*

Sessions & Packages

  • Private Hatha Yoga & Meditation Session

    5 sessions (+1 BONUS service/session of your choice)

    10 sessions (+2 BONUS services/sessions of your choice)

  • Yoga Growth Package

    Includes: 1 hour of private Hatha yoga, frequency shifting technique, sound healing ( w/ Tibetan bowls), 25 min meditation (w/ technique teaching) and 35 min energetic healing.

  • Yoga Power Package

    Includes: 1 hour private Hatha yoga and all services listed with option 3 in healing services.


“Just as a Diamond is created through extensive pressure and Heat of Coal… So as the purist Self arises from the Heat and Pressure experience of Life.” – Sri Purnananda

Crystals are great Teachers, Healers and contain incredible Wisdom. For they have also come through the extensive heat and pressure of the Earth to arrive in the phenomenal form they have now.

Through each session, you will experience the power of Crystal grids directed by Spirit and Ascended Masters, created around your body & Aura for the perfect transmission in each session that is there for you to receive.


Through the use of our 22 Crystals and counting….


Stemming back to the Ancient Healing practices of Shamanism and Ayurvedic Medicine. Essential Oils have been used to treat the Physical, Emotional and Etheric(Energy) bodies since the beginning of all Healing practices.

*Through ALL Services of Spirit-Fi Unlimited, We use Theraputic grade, 100% Organic. Manufactured by DoTerra International.


In the beginning, there was the ‘Word’ (in Translation means ‘SOUND’)

To the depth of the core, the ‘matter’ of GOD, Source, All of Creation is LIGHT & SOUND. Knowing or having the Understanding which You are the Light of All Creation… What an Experience to be had, when we You as the Light with Sacred Sound of multiple Tibetan & Crystal singing Bowls. That have been tailor made with the tone of ‘Creation’ woven into them. The experience of GOD, is there for You.

OM (AUM) This is the sound Vibration of the Entire Creation operates from and lives in.


Solutions = (doing it for them)

Consulting = (consulting them how to)

As We evolve Consciously, Energetically, Spiritually etc. Our desire for Nutrition and empowering nutrients also evolve.

Realizing that our formless Self (Spirit/Soul) within this Body Temple.

So as you continually feed the ‘Internal’ Self with practice, Love and care. So does that desire increase for the ‘External’ Self.

We are choosing now to take back the Responsibilities of Our Body. The way we treat it, feed it and over all care for it.

Through the process of planting, nurturing, growing and Harvesting our on food…We begin to take notice of our own vibrancy, health and vitality by Creating our own Food.