Through the services of SpiritFi Unlimited, one may receive more understanding of their True Nature and a clear Realization of their Highest Self…Allowing oneself to heal from layers of Life and begin to connect their highest Purpose.

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Healing Modalities and Services

Rising Star Healing

 Guided by Ascended Masters

Ceremonial Reiki Session

A Divine and sacred healing practice

Corporate / Group Meditation

Creativity and discipline of the mind

Hatha Yoga / Meditation

Healing & teaching

Crystal Therapy

Healing Guided By Ascended Masters

Essential Oil Application & AromaTherapy

Healing for organ & emotional releases

Energetic Frequency Shifting

Use of ocular sense technique

Sound Healing

Sacred sound of multiple Tibetan & crystal singing bowls

Organic Farming Solution & Consulting

Creating our own food for vibrancy, health and vitality


Why choose SPIRIT-fI?

Discover the benefits of Spirit-fI. Allow yourself to heal from layers of life and begin to connect with your highest purpose.