I am not the same person I was when you arrived at my apt earlier!

I am not the same person I was when you arrived at my apt earlier!

As I mentioned to you near the end of our session today, with a deep sincere and heartfelt smile, I said; “I am not the same person I was when you arrived  at my apt earlier! Actually, I feel like a fairy right now!” (SMILE)

Then a sweet content hopeful feeling settled through me like a warm yummy cocoa on a cold night! My job has me on a very busy travel schedule, which can easily manifest into scattered ungrounded energy.

When Lloyd arrived at my apt, I was in a frazzled emotional state. Not due to caffeine or any additive, just kind of spent from weeks of business travel. Lloyd’s direct connection to the Enlightened Masters will realign you to your higher self- to Spirit!

With an open heart, he listened to me share through my tears about my current state of imbalance and created a safe space for me to release anything that was not beneficial to my well being. Lloyd will arrange a convenient appointment with you at your home and deliver a new you by the end of the session! His knowledge of essential oils, sound therapy,  meditation and Shamanistic ritual will take you on a divine healing journey of Peace and Love.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and healing abilities with me today Lloyd. I am grateful!

Sincerly, your much calmer, happier and grounded client,

Rachel in Santa Monica!

Rachel Santa Monica, CA